New EP on the Way

After a few months of making some field recordings and deciding what to do with them, I’m happy to say that a new EP is on the way. The name of the new EP is The Mind’s Eye, and mixing should begin in early November. Advertisements

Field Recordings

I started working on an idea today where some homemade field recordings, and run them through some custom-built insert effects. It doesn’t sound like anything now, but it’s a start to an idea. If successful, I’ll start taking my handheld recorder with me wherever I go.

Mixing…and Mixing

Spent the day mixing the last two songs for the new EP. The third track took a while to mix as I hadn’t realized it wasn’t fully written when I last left it. Lots of little edits and tweaks to that track, but it’s better for having gone through the editing process. I’m going to […]

One Down and New Gear

Got one song mixed today; two more to go, and then on to the “mastering” phase. For a while, I’ve been having problems using my iConnect MIDI 2+ for my iPad. When I first got it, it worked, but it was never truly stable. Over the last two years, I’ve had a lot of problems […]

Getting Back Into It

It’s been almost a year since I released the last Esoteric Sound Design EP. As usual with hobbies, life gets in the way. To be honest, I nearly gave up this hobby two or three times over the last year. But every time I thought about it, I’d read about some new piece of gear […]