Mixing…and Mixing

Spent the day mixing the last two songs for the new EP. The third track took a while to mix as I hadn’t realized it wasn’t fully written when I last left it. Lots of little edits and tweaks to that track, but it’s better for having gone through the editing process. I’m going to […]

One Down and New Gear

Got one song mixed today; two more to go, and then on to the “mastering” phase. For a while, I’ve been having problems using my iConnect MIDI 2+ for my iPad. When I first got it, it worked, but it was never truly stable. Over the last two years, I’ve had a lot of problems […]

Getting Back Into It

It’s been almost a year since I released the last Esoteric Sound Design EP. As usual with hobbies, life gets in the way. To be honest, I nearly gave up this hobby two or three times over the last year. But every time I thought about it, I’d read about some new piece of gear […]

What’s New?

After much internal debate, I’m ready to announce that the new EP from Esoteric Sound Design is underway. Much of the silence over the last several months has been due to my lack of confidence in ┬áthe material. What I didn’t realize was, I was over analyzing everything. With that said, today I narrowed the […]

New Micro Refill – Vectored Ambience

While things are finalizing for my first commercial Refill, I thought I would share a free micro Refill. Vectored Ambience takes advantage of Quadelectra’s CV Suite Vectorizer. This unique device takes advantage of a virtual touch pad to create dynamic switching for instruments and effects. The power of this device really shines when the X […]