Mixing…and Mixing

Spent the day mixing the last two songs for the new EP. The third track took a while to mix as I hadn’t realized it wasn’t fully written when I last left it. Lots of little edits and tweaks to that track, but it’s better for having gone through the editing process.

I’m going to sit on the tracks for at least a week, and then revisit them. If I still like their mixes, then it’s on to the mastering phase.

On a similar note, I never appreciated (until now) how difficult it is to mix in an apartment with thin walls and the ability to hear everything going on in the hallway. Although I have some acoustic foam on my walls, my complex is very old, and not really built for critical listening. It doesn’t help that this EP has layers and layers of sounds, making it even more difficult to mix. Thankfully, I have an EQ cheat sheet to help me.


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