New Single and Refill

I designed a Refill based on Reason 10’s Europa synth. It’s called Red Nebula, and you can get it free here. Also, check out the demo track at my Bandcamp page. Advertisements

New EP – Metamorphosis

Late in 2016, I got the idea to take some themes from cyberpunk and real life, and use them as inspiration for some music. The idea became the genesis for Unwritten Future, a trilogy of EPs with a connected narrative. Part 1, which is called Metamorphosis, is out now on Bandcamp.

New EP on the Way

After a few months of making some field recordings and deciding what to do with them, I’m happy to say that a new EP is on the way. The name of the new EP is The Mind’s Eye, and mixing should begin in early November.

Field Recordings

I started working on an idea today where some homemade field recordings, and run them through some custom-built insert effects. It doesn’t sound like anything now, but it’s a start to an idea. If successful, I’ll start taking my handheld recorder with me wherever I go.